Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Anime Clichés for Everyone

Hi, everyone!

Note: This post has been filed in the Drafts folder and never made it out back in the spring when I binged anime. So here's the post on clichés we all know and love. Enjoy!

So Magical Girl March is over!

I didn't do very well on the whole find other shows and watch them. I did Tokyo Mew Mew, Madoka Magica, PGSM, and a season of Sailor Moon. I tried Cardcaptor Sakura and I was planning on going back, but I got caught up in other things.

**If you want to rifle through some of the adventures I've had in photo sets, my Tumblr is yours for the viewing. I'm sorry in advance if you die of boredom.**

But getting back to the post, after watching a lot of anime and Crack videos (they call them crack because they are addictive) and laughing and joining the general anime community, there are some clichés/tropes/patterns that I've noticed.

This is probably not the final list. Feel free to comment which ones I missed!

(In no particular order.)

1. Getting a nosebleed when you see someone sexy

Holy cow! I first really took notice of this in a similar YouTube video poking fun at an anime. But the more I got into it, the more I realized how common it is to get a nosebleed.

Not sure if that makes anyone a prude or...overly excited?


2. The teacher, who is always female, has a very sad love life.

Which usually pours over into the way she teaches her students. Oi.

3. Whenever someone's called back, we usually get a shot of their feet stopping.

No one ever seems to look back at the person catching them off guard. But hey, that seems reasonable.

4. Shutting your eyes for periods of time while talking to another being.

Not sure. But have been told by others they do it as well. I only do it if I take a breath and need to separate myself from the situation.

Before I end up agreeing to something insane.

Maybe a cultural thing? I just haven't researched this one a ton so I will come back and run an edit once I do.

5. Every magical group has either a:

--rich girl
--an idol
--or an orphan living on her/his own.

Um, Japan...er...kay.

Not sure what that's about either.

6.  Running away from situations/discussions.

Again, I'm not sure if it has something to do with the maturity or age but there are a lot of runners.

7. Most characters, maybe just in the world of magic, tend to be good-hearted fighters.

Usagi Tsukino to Sakura to Ichigo Kuraski, they're all these wonderful, flawless, mostly selfless creatures.

8. Where the hell are their parents?

Not being insensitive to the orphans, idols, or extremely rich kids of Japan, but the rest are pretty much free until bedtime or dinnertime or money time. Free range parenting?

An American thing to have parents be a huge part of life? Hmm...

9. Pervertedness galore.

I think we know it from the huge, unnatural, break-the-laws-of-physics boobs and the old men falling face first into them, that there's a pervert theme for even a kid's show.

This one I might understand for reasons I wouldn't feel comfortable talking about here. HAHA! Just kidding. But animation is a huge part of Japan's world since World War II. I think there might just be a link between animators at work on kids' shows and other adult shows.

That and the real reason are probably more up to debate. Whether or not there's a higher level of sexualization in kids' shows as part of a cultural thing or just as a human thing—y'all have gone back to see Lion King as adults right?—it'll probably vary person to person, show to show.

10. The explanations.

It happens a lot more with the more action based (more boy based) anime where the fight gets stopped and the dudes (I seriously can't remember a girl doing this) goes on a long speech to explain what has happened and how the magic works.

Bleach is so bad/good at this it makes me want to melt to the ground and lose my hearing.

11. Protagonist is always a glutton.

Tokyo Mew Mew's Ichigo, Sailor Moon's Usagi? What's with the bottomless pits?

Again, probably something with how we perceive kids. They're not conscious of health so they don't care what they're doing to themselves.

This is going to part of my ongoing list so check back in in the future as I remember and scribble down some more. If I missed your favorite anime cliché, @ me on Twitter or message me at my Tumblr. I'm always on both.