Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Playlist! 2017 #5

Hello, my heavenly kittens!

Tis I, the person who can't decide how to punctuate the word tis. Apostrophe somewhere? Yes?


I'm back with another playlist. This time, with one that's a tad bit more universal than the last. I think I've done one of these types before but never with the same music.

I got this music again from following various recommendations on YouTube and weeding out the ones that just didn't catch my interest.

This pile is for dramatic type moments. Not much more to say, fried from work, so enjoy!

YOU DON'T KNOW by Katelyn Tarver

UNWORTHY by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

STAKES by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

SOMEONE TO STAY by Vancouver Sleep Clinic


Because we all need a stupid laugh every once in a while.