Tuesday, May 30, 2017

It's Almost My Birthday

Hello, my little wonders!

I don't usually do this kind of post but I think I am committed to doing something different.

I've had people asking me what I'm doing, what I want for my birthday for the last month. Which is funny because we still have two weeks to go.

I kinda hate my birthday for that reason. I never want to ask for too much or ask for something and someone totally ignore me about it anyway. (Sadly has happened before.)

But I thought of a way to feel guilt free is to do something for someone else.

My birthday, my 25th to be exact, is June 11th.

I'm totally blessed. I have everything that I need. Food, shelter, clothes. I have a day job that I love with people I love. I have my family healthy and happy around me.

I don't need anything else.

So while I wondered what I needed, I realized I didn't, duh, but I figured someone else always does. So I thought of asking you guys to join me in spreading a little love.

I set up a donation page on my Facebook. A donation page for birthday fundraisers, wow! Didn't know about those.

Cancer has affected me and changed forever who I am by teaching me incredible amounts of pain. I know a lot of you, if not all of you (and isn't that fucking shitty) are in the same boat. You can donate there, if you'd like.

Or, if money is not readily available, volunteer. Do something nice.

Teach kids who don't have a librarian the joy of reading. Donate your books.  Sit down and have a chat with someone going through a hard time.

Right now, every time I log onto Twitter, it's with my fists up. It's gone from publishing and our silly little fictional worlds (how I miss them) to political despair. The world seems so grim, that I think if we can't find the light, we should be the light.

Donate to ACLU, to any issue that is a human rights violation. Help at a shelter. Donate clothes and blankets. Give blood.

I've spent twenty-five years on this beautiful planet and I thank my lucky stars that they've gone as well as they have. A few defining lows, but mostly steady highs. I try my best to do what I can when I can, but I'd really appreciate it if the people who were looking to do a little good, or celebrate with me my life, would lend me a hand in helping others.

I adore you all. Thank you so much for all these years of readership and companionship. The writing community has always been full of morbid fun and friendship. Even writing this, I know so many of you will help. And I thank you so much for it.

Any act of kindness helps. No need to tell me either.

And by the way, I believe this boy, would like some birthday cards. So please join me in sending some!

I love you all!