Friday, March 3, 2017

Day Three

Hey, guys.

Ugh. I am feeling tired. Which is why this post is coming so late. I am so sorry. Last night when I dragged myself in from work, I was pretty tired but going to pluck prompts from my Pinterest feed, but got caught up having a convo with the buddy and my sister back to back then crashed.

With my sister, I caught up with current events and the reason writing and general living has been sluggish lately. And with my buddy, I realized how hard the challenge actually is.

Yesterday's "sentence" for me was a little more like two. Let me explain. Followed a prompt, have been working with dialogue. Added action.

Got a slap on the wrist but passed. For now.

Watch those dialogue tags, peeps! And talk to people. If you aren't near people you can talk to, talk into the void of the net but talk about things. If you're having a block and if you're not.

For those still making sentence constellations with prompts, here are your three. Take the challenge, prove me wrong.

Stay connected! Contact me if you need motivation or you have a question!