Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day Four

Hello, my dears!

Super late post today. I have become host to yet another illness. Which is such a lovely experience. Last night or I guess this morning, I woke up at 5 in a dead sweat despite it being chilly in my room.

It has been that weird balance where I'm well enough to function with bigger things like drive and walk and run and process To Do Lists, but woozy enough to be too lazy to bother with a lot of things that aren't immediate. Like writing. And writing. And actually reading.

I'd love to read but I keep forgetting what I read because my mind wanders.


Well, anyways.

There's enough sentences now, I think, that we're all getting a sense of the world we're reading about. (Because you're not reading your own, are you?)

My BFF's is a futuristic world that is hauntingly similar to the near future of now, as far as climate and greed and terror go. So I am terrified to see how it goes on.

And she has learned tonight that I have no plan or bad guy in mind yet. We shall learn the story together!

I don't think she'll like me for much longer.

But anyway, here's your challenge, prompt challengers!

Have a beautiful day, loves! And avoid me! Because I have the plague!