Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day Eleven

Well, well, well.

Day Eleven.

I want to preface this by saying: she made me do it.

Thanks to the buddy, I didn't write a sentence last night!

We usually stay up to send each other sentences but last night, on the very last chapters of RED QUEEN, she urged me to finish. She stayed up past her bedtime in another time zone to hear my thoughts.

We stayed up until three! Bad idea. but the book is finished.

But we were not about to send sentences.

Gah. I'm turning into her and avoiding challenges. Sigh.

Don't stop believing. And if you've missed a day, no worries, that just means you owe the challenge one more day. Write every day. Get into a pattern.

You'll develop your own writing patterns soon.

No prompts today. Running behind. If you need a twist to guide today's sentence, I made a board. Go into the click-pelling world of Pinterest.

I'll show myself out.