Thursday, January 12, 2017

Not Writing a Book

Trouble writing a book? Why not NOT write a book?

Enjoy the emptiness of your once dedicated work day, take in the sun and find FB a formidable excuse not to interact with human beings, lounge in the darkened living room and live in despair.

Yes, join us here at NOT Writing a Book, located on the corner of good idea and crazy idea.


Hello, beautifuls!

Last night, I went to bed thinking I could stay warm and finish writing a blog post for today and that's about the last thing I remember.

But I made it to Thursday.

I've got a few Real Life things causing me a little stress. I just want to shake people sometimes.


I've been working on the blog way more than the writing I talk about here. Which was the reason I started blogging again.

It doesn't seem productive. It was supposed to be, in a way. Give me a fresh take on the writing after a brief break. But instead, I've found that I got lazier.

I tried to write a story in the same vein as the one I'm working on. You know, get an idea what I mean to say, see if I can say it better.

But that is not productive at all. Because I've tried.

Also, I didn't get far.

But I learned I suck at summarizing something beforehand and going through with it. Surprise!

I think I really just need to reset with some kdramas, books!, and TV shows.

I have tons of books I've bought and haven't dedicated time to reading.

If you're having a problem, hitting a block, remember to reset. It helps keep you fresh.

Now I'm going to go reset and stop writing for just a few days. Just a few. Maybe I'll post reviews on the books I'm reading.

Or the movies I've watched.

Have you seen Moana yet? I am OBSESSED.

Have a beautiful Thursday! Talk to you on my other social media accounts!