Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Makes Me Angry with Sailor Moon Crystal


First off, let me say, I watched the anime before reading the manga. Mostly? Because I couldn't even read when it broadcast where I lived.

Understandably, I'm attached to the anime of the 90s more than the original version, but I was so happy about last year's reboot. Duh! Sailor Moon made me want to tell stories, my now lifelong passion. She's dear to me.

But last year's reboot.

I could list everything that got me--the fast pace, the very scrawny drawings, blah, blah--but, again, I knew this is how the manga rolled. Not a problem.

BUT I liked it. I binge watched it when I was off work. I was so super proud and happy and in love again when this happened:

"I will never be a tragic princess ever again."
If you know the original story, Princess Serenity, Usagi's past life, committed suicide after her forbidden lover, Endymion, the prince of Earth, died protecting her by his brainwashed people.

This was Usagi's perfect vow. Which I thought would be a parallel to the 90s version.


I had never been so disappointed in Sailor Moon in my whole life. I wonder if that's what the manga readers read. I know some people online are glad the 90s version which ended like this

happened. A much stronger, more mature Usagi. The 90s version loved Mamoru just the same as the Crystal one but THIS ONE was a real superhero, not even a little selfish by following her duty to protect Earth from the darkness that destroyed their lives before.

It's weird. I know I should like the original but I don't.

Adaptations are for fans. The original is for the creator. This adaptation makes me a little depressed. Because it tells girls that even though they can be powerful superheroes, when it comes to losing love, you might as well end it in a murder suicide.

Okay, maybe not that far, but I feel like I am a million times a better person for the 90s version and I totally don't plan on showing my daughter/son Crystal until after they've watched the subbed 90s version. :)

Ah. To get that off my chest and drop it into the internet, just another little flame to the big fire.

I still love Naoko Takeuchi. She's wonderful for making a clumsy, silly, selfish, kindhearted girl a warrior and a princess--protected by super wonderful warrior girls!

And now, I'm off to finish season one.