Monday, January 19, 2015

The Two Mr. Hero's Journeys, Second Half

EDIT: I have now watched the last Batman movie. So disappoint. So disappoint. Anywho, here's the last six in the Hero's Journey.

We're back! First Half, in case you missed it.

7. The Approach

Truthfully? This is my favorite step. *giggles evilly while bouncing on the balls of her feet*

External: This setback takes the cake. The hero questions his approach to achieve the goal.
Either because he was so freaking close to winning or because everything has changed. (Like it went from a search and destroy to a rescue mission to a funeral.)

Or it could be a combo of almost-win and everything-changed.

Either way, this is a stop and analyze, regroup, yada, yada.

Internal: The hero knows he's gone about this the wrong way. But really, this is much worse than tactics. It's personal. (Duh.)

The hero hides who he really is (Essence) behind another face (Identity, linked to Flaw.)

And these two clash. Identity gets things wrong and it leads to the Black Moment.

(I had trouble remembering what the Black Moment was. So for those wondering: This is the point where not only has the story changed but it's the moment when all seems lost and it looks like there won't be a happy ending.)


Batman's Black Moment is when Gordon is shot and killed at the funeral ceremony. Gordon, Batman's friend, is dead because Batman fought on the same way he had been, trying to do everything at once.

Batman realizes that he can't do it, maybe at all. (Need: limits.) And this might have a lot to do with Rachel being next. (Remember the post on The Nines? She's his motivation.)

And the story goes from fighting the Joker to appeasing him.

(Let's all take a moment to love The Dark Knight. c:)

8. The Ordeal

External: Stakes are high. For everything. Life and death situation. This is hero versus villain. (Or Father in some versions of HJ. This figure has life or death power so.)

Internal: The flaw is addressed. And by addressed, I mean, the flaw gets in the way. Now there's no way the hero can miss what he's doing wrong.

If the hero doesn't change in that instant, there's no way he finishes the journey.

Most likely, the hero dies.

And when Identity crumbles, Essence is revealed.


Batman and the Joker battle after a car chase over Harvey Dent.

Batman rides toward the Joker who's holding a gun of sorts but instead of going off the deep end and killing the Joker (Batman has a no-kill policy,) Batman swerves and crashes.

Because he has limits and if he didn't, he'd lose himself. (Remember Consequence from The Nines?) 

He also wouldn't have changed if he went all out and he might have not survived hitting the Joker.

The Flaw/Identity really tore up the city, possibly killed goons, and almost killed Batman.

That car chase could have gone a lot smoother, I'll tell you what. :P

9. The Reward

External/Internal: The hero is changed. Into his Essence, of course. The Flaw has been shed and true to the step name, there's a reward.


For his change, Batman is spared and even rewarded! His friend Gordon had faked his death and now stops the Joker from killing Batman.

10. The Road Home

External: The job is not done.

Here's the reason:

Internal: This is the internal battle starting. This is where the hero really proves he's FOREVER changed. The scarring and fighting from before wasn't in vain.

This battle is between Want and Need and at this step, he's presented with both.


It's nearly literal in Batman. (Nearly; damn I hate the word literal.) The Joker's pulled one more trick and now Rachel and Harvey are both in danger and in different places.

Batman can only get to one and that would 'break' his non-lethal code.

Want: Rachel, the person he's been fighting to keep alive and safe. But saving her would mean he'd work harder to do what he set out to do and that means never having her. (Crime never ends. No limits. You get it.)

Need: Harvey, the person he shares the burden of cleaning the city with. Harvey who can help Batman, save Bruce Wayne from doing this cleaning job forever. (Limits.)

11. Resurrection

External/Internal: This is the climax of the internal battle. This is where the hero proves he's changed forever and chooses between want and need.


Batman saves Harvey and proves that he's changed. Which blows. Rachel's dead.

Batman is shown his limits and he accepts them. He's getting help. He went after Harvey for himself (*weeps*) because he knew there wouldn't be a Rachel either way.

*sobs more*

I love you. RIP.

12. Sharing the Elixir

External/Internal: This is the last shot. The final image. It's totally afterschool special (in the sense that there's a lesson to share.) But more than that, this shows the hero got what he NEEDED.

(Otherwise the journey's not over.)

The final image should show whether the hero succumbed to his demons (not the flaw but the scars/grief. Remember the Black Moment?) or if he's built a new life.


Though there are more confrontations after Rachel's death and stuff, the story winds down. Though Batman has lost Harvey (yeah, what was all that for, right?) and he's taking the fall for bad stuff Two Face did, Batman takes it in stride.

He still got the point. He still realized that he needed something other than this octopus super hero shit he was doing.

Batman's not Bruce. Bruce is separate. Batman doesn't breakdown or give up. He's an *idea* (copycats, future Batmans! ROBIN!) and Bruce knows that. Bruce knows his limits. He's going to respect them.


(I haven't watched the third movie yet. No spoilers!)

What did you think? Any suggestions? Anything that needs to be fixed?

Hope you enjoyed! I'll see what else I blog about. :)