Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Soap Opera Drama

Hello, everyone!

Today I'm talking about the top cliches/tropes in Mexican soap operas. I am not sure when these things cross the line from one thing to another but I know they're always used.

Mum and I just started watching a new drama. I'm not much of watcher so I was thrilled at the opportunity. (Working kinda steals the ability to watch daily dramas.) It really was nice to sit at a regular hour and follow some very dramatic love story unfold, but that was when I noticed some overused moves/writing.

Super adorable. Amor Real, a period drama.

1. There's always a rich family and a poor family.

2. More than likely, the girl is from the poor family, but sometimes it's the other way around. The woman always has to overcome, as a focus, her economic status.

A woman who works in the fields and her highly rich boss.

3. After being shunned by her true love's family. Naturally.

About a lady boxer and some guy who isn't cool enough for her.
4. This all happens after she goes skinny dipping in a gorgeous pool of water that is prelude to hanky pinky. (Consensual or not.)

I was so young I can't remember this one. But great opening song.
5. Now, depending on how this drama goes, there's premarital sex. Again, consensual or not.

She's evil and doesn't wanna be poor. So she marries blondie even though the other guy was studying to be a doc.
6. From this, if it's the love interest, it's usually resulting in pregnancy.

La Gata. You got me. I've never watched this one. But I've seen the commercials!
7. Which then leads the rich family to make the baby disappear after it's born. That and they probably tried to kill it in utero. Either way, baby is gone.

A girl in love with her sister's boy toy. Sister is evil and guy comes back to young sister.
8. Which leaves the man open to suggestion. And it's usually the family's suggestion. Naturally, they call the protagonist a whore, or had a baby. Usually, the story is the protag took money to stay away.

Mother and daughter, rich and kidnappable, hire some sexy bodyguards to protect them.
9. Dude leaves abroad to study and become a doctor. (Almost always.)

(I refused to repeat examples. So, enjoy reading this bit.)

10. This is the part where the girl kind of finds her own way out of poverty. Either she's secretly the daughter of a rich man or suddenly becomes a great entrepreneur. She comes into her own, becomes a woman, a little better dressed, blah, blah, blah.

It's been a long time, but I think she's the daughter of a rich guy.
BONUS: As the years pass, and they usually do, the characters feel the need to tell each other things they would have found out as they went. "As you know father, I was blinded eighteen years ago and I know this house without needing assistance."

Well, hello, debut. Still watching but inspired this post.
11. Two things happen during this time of separation between the protag and true love. They both get new lovers. A sleepy, money-crazed girlfriend for the TL and a pushy, secretly obsessed, dependent guy for the protag.

(Again, the best example for this one would be one I already listed. *La Fuerza del Destino*.)

12. Lovers meet again, sparks fly. More premarital sex.

*Destilando Amor*

13. Fight between them, more rumors. More separation.

*More Destilando Amor* (Seriously. That one made all tropes/cliches work, though. Very good even if the protagonists, as they usually are, are a bunch of idiots.)

14. At this point, more likely, the TL actually marries or is engaged to the shitty woman he was dating before.

*every novela ever*

15. The protag gets close to finding out where her child is.

(Am giving up on pictures.)

16. Protag usually is engaged as well to the person she was with. And depending on what kind of person she is, she'll either dislike him, hate him, or fear him. Sometimes pity too.

17. Generally, this poor sucker the protagonist is with, without fail, tends to be a boyhood or current brother-like-friend to the lover. With no end to the drama, legit. Confrontations spark because of this as if these two dudes weren't bffs before this.

18. Because he's obsessed, he either tries to rape her or someone already has, as her back story. Which is the shittiest trope/cliche/writing I've ever seen on screen. Highly uncomfortable.

19. Now the middle stuff, on how the lovers get back together ranges. The baby is found and they're racing to find him/her with his/her new family. The two don't want the other to marry--it doesn't matter because now they have lovers to dump and families to face.

20. Explosions. Car chases through rural roads--that end in flips.

One of my favorite things are the endings:

21. Bad guys are severely hurt or killed. But not before a lot of the main evils turn good with the arrival of their own children. Usually.

22. The lovers are reunited with their child who seems to seamlessly integrate in their lives, just as pure as they once were.

23. Wedding! White wedding with all their friends who survived all the attempts.

24. This one is not as common as I like but still pretty common. They go forward in time for all characters, to show us how they got along after the wedding. Everyone is happy, their families expanding and finally Fin which is the same as Happily Ever After.

Because I didn't add a million pictures, here's a fun fact.

She is now the First Lady of Mexico.

She's so adorable.