Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everything I Say

Can and will be used against me.

My feet are in need of kicking up. Not because I feel like a boss but because I have weird knees.

It's relevent. I'll tell you why.

A few months ago, I started getting questions from some social media peeps and some real world friends.

How do you use Twitter?

What's a hashtag?

Why do authors/agents/etc acknowledge your existence?

In order my answers would be:

*laughs* I'm still learning. (Play with it.)

It's the gift from above. It's power. It's a drug. (I have a problem. Send help.)

Um, it's not a big deal.

The last question bothered me as it bothers me to talk about it now. People answer me because I talk to them, maybe because they want to talk back.

Those people up in the publishing ladder ARE people.

But lately, I realized why other Hopefuls ask me this. It isn't because anyone higher than Hopeful is rude or exclusive. (Though they could be if they wanted.)

It's the way Hopefuls interact with them.

Yeah, some of you might call me a kiss ass or maybe think I'm manipulative but my parents raised me with manners, told me not to pester people, and I usually don't if I can help it.

I say things like 'thank you,' 'please,' and junk like that. I'm not somehow above Hopefuls. Not even close. I'm just on the side that acts decent.

I'm not pulling this shiz out of the air either.

Plenty of people will agree with me. How would you like it if an eager (or not eager) stranger pestered you, demanded more of you?

And it hurts more than it helps. Be the right kind of insistent. Learn the rules THEN break them.

Please. Hopefuls (and I am NOT an exception. Ask some of the agents of YA) come off looking petty, impatient, rude.

When you're on ANY public place, when you release something that's either on the Internet or could be put in it, you better make sure you can deal with the consequences.

Think that Oscar comment by that one "humor" site.

Think agents, editors, bloggers, readers TALK.

Imagine, for one second, a world where being a writer means you're judged by, oh my gosh!, YOUR WORDS.

Be polite.

Be patient.

Always be professional.

Cursing, tweeting in your underpants, or saying you don't like some popular book is all fair game. Bashing someone, demanding attention, asking your followers to hate someone makes you look like a child.

A petty, self-centered, tantrum-throwing child.

And no one wants to work with those.

Don't throw your toys at people who know things or don't get ignored. We don't wail in public about a rejection or about a no answer. We're not doing anything but handling it with grace. (Faked, forced, or otherwise.)

Everything you say, do, show other than in your house, alone, can and WILL (always will) be held against you.

We are always being watched. An agent, an editor, and an author will read this. Maybe more of each category.

This is the way the world works now.

And I'm willing to stand by what I just wrote. I know who I am, I try not to assume much, and it doesn't mean I'm scared of consequences.

There are always those, even when I don't hear/read them.

But I'll say 'please' and 'thank you' and curse and do whatever I want anyway. Being polite doesn't make you inauthentic. It makes it easier to connect to people.

Like future employers and such. *lifts eyebrows*

Learn the rules, learn the etiquette, you'll still be you if you do it right.