Friday, July 29, 2011

Team Ked

I'm not sure when there was an offer to review DOME. I'm not even entirely sure how or when I volunteered but it came to me by email from Nova Sparks herself.

I couldn't tell you the last time I read some sci-fi stuff (mostly because genre titles and I don't mix) but I had already read a snippet of DOME on another person's blog and I watched the book trailer. It seemed like somehting I'd want to read into.

The story is 65k and told from two POVs. Sam, a Colorado man, and his daughter Emma. The story starts with Sam's world(s) drowning under some mysterious dreams that foretell an upcoming catastrophe. The destruction of the world.
But at least there's a rescue...they think.

Well, I thought I would actually talk more about the book's other characters but...I'm kinda in love with Ked. (He's taken, ladies. And I will @&%# you up if you try something.) Ked's Emma's Syrion friend who takes her around the forbidden darkness of his planet.

And much like Romeo and Juliet, Emma and Ked's blossoming romance is forbidden and dangerous to both. (Just ask Sam's too touchy friend) Ked's coldness at first does a 180 in time to make me love him. Holy CROW! THE BOY MAKES ME SWOON!

If not for the incredible suspense, the sci-fi awesome, or the worldbuilding (damn that planet is well built! You feel the blinding darkness and the dome's domeiness), get it for KED! I mean, Emma's POV...yeah, her.

He's so brave, and so cool, and so level-headed, and I love him, and I married him in space Vegas and he's the only fictional guy who I've tried to marry. (And I have a hot and heavy crush on Mr. Heathcliff. Just ask my tattered WUTHERING HEIGHTS.)

My only real complaints about the self-pub sci-fi 1st POV book was that some places needed some copy editing. At the beginning, I didn't really believe what was happening to Sam. Also, it wasn't completely about KED AND EMMA! (but I am a YA romance writer/readerso...)

Sam's POV definitely added tension though and I loved them. Heart beat fast :D

I could go on about Ked but I'm sure my Mother-in-Law (oh, she knows about this. She does. I spam her with Wish-You-Were-Here tweet postcards all the time.) would rather me not rewrite the story right here.

Oh, and for those of you who have read DOME before, one: Ked is SOOOOO mine still. Two: Not La Push, the push ;)

Author Nova Sparks:
Twitter: @NovaSparksBooks (!/NovaSparksbooks)