Thursday, July 28, 2011

all about dawn

I tweet a lot about #dawnWIP and the continuation. So...

What is #dawnWIP?
It's a YA 115k (for now). Fantasy. Some romance. I guess part dystopian. (You'll see.)
The story revolves around the main character Ariel London who gets thrust into a secret society of "outcasts" and double immortals. The only way to leave is to die. Not such an undoable thing when she has a heart condition with less than half a year left on the prognosis.
But that's why she wants to leave. It'll take some time to outwit some of the people who want to keep her but that doesn't work in her favor when she becomes attached to some of the hopeless souls trapped in DDS.
Now leaving would be selfish and murder, but if she doesn't leave, she'll never see her family ever again.

Plans for the future?
Haven't decided. When it's done. When it's perfect to me. I'll either query it, self-pub, or post it up on the blog :) I'm not picky. I might even keep it for myself.

Current projects?
Synopsis, query (for my use), and blurb.
And I'm working on bringing to life the hectic sequel.

Want an extra?
It's a deleted scene for a reason. But I think it has potential as an extra :)

            “Dove-cakes,” Jerry laughed. The leader. He was pretty. Like the rest of the jerks who lived in Lalaland. And ew. Dove-cakes? I frowned. “What did you do to your foot?”
            “Battled the sea creature living at the bottom of my bathtub for some foot soaking time,”
            Rey, the beautiful one, snickered. “Did you lose?”
            “No. You should have seen him,”
            Jerry sat beside me, much to Margret’s sulk, and smiled at me.
            He was so close and so pretty. I stared.
            “Hi, my la—” the baby faced one gasped with one hand over his chest. He collapsed backwards into the beautiful one’s arms.
            I gasped too. “Is he okay?”
            Jerry frowned at me. “My cousin had a bad bone break awhile back.”
            Darren and Rey laughed. “Run,” they said at the same time, remembering. I assumed they were screwing around when the break happened.
            Jerry shrugged. “Harold sort of busted his bone through skin,” he whispered. “Scared the crap out of him,” he whispered and quickly cleared his throat to cover up.
            I turned to Margret who had been invited to the empty chair by the lady. She didn’t seem to care for the boys.
            I turned back to them.
            Darren lifted his auburn eyebrow at me. “How you doin’?”
            They knew the head of the household was right behind me, right?
            Lady Armani was watching curiously but unresponsive. She seemed entranced, actually, with our talk.
            The doors locked the chefs in. I stared, confused, at the butlers locking the glass doors from the outside. No one else had moved.
            Lady Armani suddenly laughed evilly. The sound scared the chefs and yeah, me.
            I turned to her.
            “I have you all to myself!”
            If she wasn’t so damn powerful, I’d really consider taking her to a hospital to get that crazy checked.