Monday, January 4, 2021

Words to Nix: #AmEditing

 Hello, loves!

I'm sure I've done one of these before but I'm going to make a list of all the words to get rid of or search for in your writing for deeper POV.

Feeling Words

Angry, Sad, Happy, etc.

Gotta go. Cut as many of them as you can and replace them with actual feeling. Did her stomach sink? Did time stop? Did her blood boil? Did he smile so hard it hurt?

Useless Words

Began, Ended, Started, Stopped, Kept

Examples: He started to play the song.

Up, Down.

He stood up.

That, Just, like.

The book that he held to The book he held.

Rethink Phrases

Search adjectives and adverbs. Go search and highlight -ly.

He walked briskly could be He scurried.

Highlight the FAN BOYS

For And Nor But Or Yet So

Let's be honest. The more of these phrases we have in a given sentence, the harder it is to read.

More Phrase Enablers

To From Some

To lift his head. He lifted his head.

From the sheath. She unsheathed the sword.


Obviously some of these need to stay. Deep POV isn't a total destruction of these. But there should be more cutting in a first draft than leaving.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Blood and Water: How It Started, How It's Going

 Hello, hello, hello!

First post of the year and starting the new year with a bang.

For those of you who loved Robbie's story in 2017, a YA werewolf romance on Wattpad, Robbie is coming back in 2021.

There were some updates that needed to absolutely get done. It is a slow burn and will be released one chapter every Saturday night on Wattpad starting January 9th. Preview out now!



How It Started

How It's Going

High school freshman Robbie Pereira, determined to work his way out of Seattle, is caught in a supernatural turf war when his favorite band lures him into the world of mosh pits, shrieked lyrics, and bloodthirsty werewolves.

Saturday, October 31, 2020


We who are about to write, salute you!

Good luck!