Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day 100!

Hello, my lovelies.

I know not a lot of you are left doing this challenge. I honestly thought that with a buddy, it'd be easier to be held accountable. And maybe motivating and fun to see a MadLibs sort of story by the end of it, but I'm included in the lot who found this hard (in the sense I had no idea what I was writing.)

Scheduling was chaotic. Messaging. Inspiration-ing.

I think next time, at least for me, it'll be more of a 30 Day Challenge, just to get in the groove of writing again at a set time. Because that is important to creativity.

You wouldn't think having a schedule and a set time to be creative would foster imagination, but your brain will program itself in due to time to think in different ways to get the words flowing.

I think as far as long challenges like these, I'll save for people who have never written before. I did something very similar when I started writing earnestly (read: obsessively.) I think it helped me work every single day, with a few exceptions, on different things that involved creativity.

Now I'm not great at endings, so for the last challenge, I think the best thing to do is my favorite kind of ending. The circular. Try your hardest, to go back to that first sentence and mirror it.

If you need to jog your memory, here's Day 1.

And for those of you who didn't just TLDR The Vampire Diaries like I did, that ending, right??? Holy crap!

If you want to share, please please please tag me in your 100 Challenge post so I can read what you created. I'll be posting mine below as well. As far as I got:

"You thought the jump would kill us and you let me jump!"

"Ssh, they could still be up there." He slowly lifted his finger to point out the edge of the copper canyon.

A few fluffy white clouds lazily dragged behind the scalloped edge of the canyon.

There was a lone, echoing cry above us, some bird of prey had sent as a sonar.

The eerie muted wail of sirens jarred the vibrant desert reality around us and we ducked closer to the flowing water.

The water picked up in the middle where we landed, fast and to a rhythm.

We scooted off the edge and pulled our feet from the bottom to be pulled down the river.

The ride down stream sounded boisters in my ears but no one ever showed up along the top of the canyon; cue the horror score.

I shot a glare at Davin as his lifepreserver bounced off rocks, stopping him.

He didn't notice me.

"We just prolonged our deaths," I say.

"So?" Daven trudged out of the waters, stumbling over the rocks.

Without shoes, I was way more graceful climbing up the pebble bank.


*UPDATE: I forgot and the damn thing didn't post the blog!