Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why Tokyo Mew Mew was so BAD

Throwback to my 2015 post! Don't remember why I never pubbed this but here are some thoughts from my anime binge.

I'm on a magical girl binge. I blame Hulu, the wonders of fan subs on Youtube, and of course my upbringing (and apparently genetics.)

But anyway. I recently devoured all 52 episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew--because who needs sleep? And it was AWFUL.

First, as I mentioned on various sites, I am scared of spliced creatures. Except these:

Still watch on loop at night after my horror story binge

And you can also find them on Youtube. Some of them, from when I last watched. (2011)

So that was a major dislike of it, though that really isn't anyone's fault but mine. So I let that go. But as the story progressed I realized several things, all disturbing to any sane individual.

One, anyone could kiss the heroine on the mouth and get away with it. And she'd go on with her life. I get it. I was a teen once too. Depending on your friends, that sometimes happens, but they were not friends who kissed her.

And the villain Kisshu was constantly calling her a toy (cultural thing?) and starting fights with various people, including her, to take her away. Constantly asking her why she wouldn't obey, yadayada.

Now, you might think, hey, it might be like some cultural thing since SPOILER (a fight to date her has happened between the dad and the boyfriend) but in one episode, the youngest of the magical girl team calls arranged marriage archaic.


It disturbed me to no end, really.

Then there was the YA Special! Anime style. The protagonist, Mew Ichigo or by her street name Ichigo (???) ignored everyone and put her boyfriend on the highest pedestal. Which wasn't as bad since the friendship was so painfully lacking that I believed it half the time. But she pulled a Juliet speech out of her ass several times and nearly got the planet destroyed for the same reasons.

There were so many things wrong with it, that I'm just illustrating the tip of the iceberg. Every episode was useless as the thing they were supposedly looking for was usually not around and usually setting false alarms.

The twist ending problem that launches the battle to save the world was so suspense-less I wasn't even hoping they'd die. I was hoping that I could forget I ever watched this thing.

The villains weren't very menacing. No one was out to kill for the entire series. The girls were constantly trying to SPOILER make friends with them.

Oh, and like most YAs and some animes, the protag was a caring, selfless girl unaware of anything but how to be true to her heart and meddle to help others. The worship she received even surprised her since nothing she said was necessary/helpful.

A lot of the end tried to make up friendship through this reassuring and empowering Ichigo. But it bombed.

I really hated after SPOILER Blue Knight's identity is revealed and Aoyama-kun doesn't protect his fellow warriors and Ichigo gets dramatically worse at fighting. Or that after the world is saved, they promise to be together forever. Like we really needed that to be tacked on when half of Tokyo is SPOILER a forest.

Now, there were positives and those will be ordered a lot better.

Bullet points away!
--The boyfriend wasn't the classic dick or unkind. In fact, I stayed because of him. Caring, kind, quiet, supportive. He was all of it without being forced. Any little glint of him made an episode bearable. Even his relationship with Strawberry was easy to watch.

(Spoiler: he didn't let her call him by first name. Ha!)

And he was those "I've loved you from the start but never could tell you" guys. AND YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM.

--the anime started with their first date. It was nice to see an anime where people weren't rejected by the people they loved.

--the girls had JOBS. I don't know why that was so refreshing to see but the fact that they weren't just roaming around after school (oh remote parenting; probs culture thing?) was kinda nice.

I thought there would be a lot more positives in this post but nope. I liked the sparkles?

But I hated the music.