Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 49 + Catch Up

Hello, my lovelies!

Long time no chat!

I have incredible excuses for why I haven't posted. But we all know how the mental states and real life can drag you backwards away from blogging.

I had my computer's hard drive cable burn, had the part ordered, and I replaced it myself.

This human being is a life saver.

So from the time the part shipped out (like three freaking weeks or something) to when I got it in, immediately, I worked off my phone and basically by hand. I did a few things like try to draft a query, try to set up a writing binder, that sort of thing.

And if you've been following my tweets, you know what a disgrace I've been by ignoring all that work and jumping into the edits.

So now that I've learned a part of my lesson, filed my taxes, learned to love days off, I'm back.

For those of you still on the challenge, trying to get in the habit of writing

I hope everything's going well. It's nearly halfway there! I believe in you!

If you have any lines you wanna share, tag me! But here are your prompts:

Since I've been adding as many as possible to my Pinterest board, I thought I'd make one up.

Add to your story or react to this:

"Meat bubbles. I never thought I'd see the day."

As always, take care! Good luck!