Monday, March 6, 2017

Day Six

Oh dear God, what am I writing?

Anyone else completely unaware of what they're writing at this point? I have 94 days to finish this thing. How did I forget so easily?

Dear God. I just want to peek at the sentences I've written but I can't lose so quick.

What have I done?


I seriously don't even know what's happened in my story. Which sucks since I think the bestie is realizing what she's gotten herself into.

By the way, hers is getting too close to home. Environment, politics, and it's still in the exposition. I'm terrified of the next few emails from her.

At least she has a plan! 😁

Well, here are your prompts. You guys are seriously the bravest people I know!

Have a better Monday and don't forget to check out the endings series part one. Yes, I know I owe you guys a #6 on Practice Makes Perfect. It'll come after I get over this gunk.

Bai! XO