Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Day One

Hello, my perfect darlings!

Today is the first of March in the Americas which is a day late for the rest of you in on the 100 Day Sentence Challenge. I am so sorry. I completely forgot what day it was February 28th and didn't get this post ready sooner.

For those of you who are sure of where you want to start, go ahead and email your sentence. Either to me (ebelleful @ gmail) or your partner.

Rule refresher.

The rest of us who need a nudge, I have options for you. It'll be more of a Mad Libs sort of story at the end, but every day I will post a set of prompts to pick from.

To start us off, here are some I found on Pinterest:

Pick your favorite! Muah!

PS. Didn't think about this before, but if you could subject line 100 Day Challenge Day (whatever day it is) that would be great!