Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day Eight

Hello, my wonders!

How was your Seventh?

Mine was actually hilarious. While the BFF was coherent, I wasn't! It was hilarious!

I mean, it sucked for her. SHE BEGGED ME to please review my work at the end of every week. Between being sick, doing edits, reading, and working, and of course having a horrible, horrible memory, I have completely messed the story up!

It was pretty funny because I read it out loud, just to follow with part of the story, and I had tears in my eyes from the laughter. It was really magical.

But anyways, here are your prompts for today!

There is four today because I loved every one of them. As always, if you need sources, I pinned them on my board, Already Used.

Have a beautiful day and write that sentence!