Saturday, February 11, 2017

100 Day Challenge: A Sentence a Day

Hello, my wild beauties!

If you're new to my blog, yes, I am always weird. Let's move on.

I am so excited to share and extend the invitation to you guys.

Yes. I am saying be my guest.

I was talking to one of my best friends the other night and posed the 100 Challenge. Which is a hybrid of her New Year 100 Day Challenges and my desire to get her into writing with regularity.

I got her as far as trying NaNoWriMo but she doesn't write every day. I told her write at least a sentence a day and that's how we start at 100 Days a 100 Sentence Challenge.

The basics. Every day a new sentence. A sentence to follow the one before. Max and min. a sentence.

The challenges: 100 days. Starts March. You can't read the sentence before it.*  Just go off what you think you wrote.

I would accidentally do this in high school. I couldn't take my laptop with me to school so I'd transfer to my notebook. Things were always strange but this is so much fun on purpose!

Now, this is the thing, to keep yourself accountable, you can pair up and email your partner the sentence OR you can email it to me. ebelleful @ gmail :)

*Obvi if you're emailing someone the sentence, you can't do it in the thread because you might see the sentence before it. So no cheating! Where's the fun in that?

At the end of a hundred days we'll leave the unedited mass on a post. Let's see what we come up with!

Here are some ideas if you don't know how to get started:

  • Work on that WIP you've been neglecting. (Again, you can't read what you wrote before but you can read what you wrote before the 100 Challenge.)
  • Keep the characters and basic situation the same but do those Writing Prompts. There's some on Reddit, Pinterest, you name it. They have it.
  • Tell a childhood memory. (Give me ALL your ghost stories.)
  • Rewrite your favorite fairytale.
  • Challenge yourself with a script or text message conversation. (I NEED to see these if you do them.)
  • Write an observation about a single picture. (If a picture's worth thousand words, I'm sure you can make a hundred sentences.)

Have fun. Spread the words. Invite more people!

And please don't forget to link back here when your post is up so everyone can see it.

See you March!