Saturday, January 14, 2017

Playlist! 2017 #3

Hello, beautifuls!

I know it's been so long. It feels long to me. I've tried to write today's post over the last few days but I've been struggling quite a bit.

Nothing new or to expand on. Just Real Life being Real Life.

I'll be spending my day tomorrow cleaning hopefully and organizing myself.

Tomorrow's post will be scheduled, hopefully, and I can dedicate myself to the new project I've taken on.

It's been such impulsive decision sort of week. It'd concern me if it wasn't my personality.

I'm so cool.

Among events like buying a new iPhone or deciding to work on a screenplay, I've done hilarious amounts of nothing but wishing to sleep.

But I wanted to share my delicious music finds because music. And I like to share.

IN TIME by Droeloe feat. Belle Doron

DON'T LET ME DOWN by The Chainsmokers (Illenium Remix)

I will see you guys soon!