Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why Tokyo Mew Mew was so BAD

Throwback to my 2015 post! Don't remember why I never pubbed this but here are some thoughts from my anime binge.

I'm on a magical girl binge. I blame Hulu, the wonders of fan subs on Youtube, and of course my upbringing (and apparently genetics.)

But anyway. I recently devoured all 52 episodes of Tokyo Mew Mew--because who needs sleep? And it was AWFUL.

First, as I mentioned on various sites, I am scared of spliced creatures. Except these:

Still watch on loop at night after my horror story binge

And you can also find them on Youtube. Some of them, from when I last watched. (2011)

So that was a major dislike of it, though that really isn't anyone's fault but mine. So I let that go. But as the story progressed I realized several things, all disturbing to any sane individual.

One, anyone could kiss the heroine on the mouth and get away with it. And she'd go on with her life. I get it. I was a teen once too. Depending on your friends, that sometimes happens, but they were not friends who kissed her.

And the villain Kisshu was constantly calling her a toy (cultural thing?) and starting fights with various people, including her, to take her away. Constantly asking her why she wouldn't obey, yadayada.

Now, you might think, hey, it might be like some cultural thing since SPOILER (a fight to date her has happened between the dad and the boyfriend) but in one episode, the youngest of the magical girl team calls arranged marriage archaic.


It disturbed me to no end, really.

Then there was the YA Special! Anime style. The protagonist, Mew Ichigo or by her street name Ichigo (???) ignored everyone and put her boyfriend on the highest pedestal. Which wasn't as bad since the friendship was so painfully lacking that I believed it half the time. But she pulled a Juliet speech out of her ass several times and nearly got the planet destroyed for the same reasons.

There were so many things wrong with it, that I'm just illustrating the tip of the iceberg. Every episode was useless as the thing they were supposedly looking for was usually not around and usually setting false alarms.

The twist ending problem that launches the battle to save the world was so suspense-less I wasn't even hoping they'd die. I was hoping that I could forget I ever watched this thing.

The villains weren't very menacing. No one was out to kill for the entire series. The girls were constantly trying to SPOILER make friends with them.

Oh, and like most YAs and some animes, the protag was a caring, selfless girl unaware of anything but how to be true to her heart and meddle to help others. The worship she received even surprised her since nothing she said was necessary/helpful.

A lot of the end tried to make up friendship through this reassuring and empowering Ichigo. But it bombed.

I really hated after SPOILER Blue Knight's identity is revealed and Aoyama-kun doesn't protect his fellow warriors and Ichigo gets dramatically worse at fighting. Or that after the world is saved, they promise to be together forever. Like we really needed that to be tacked on when half of Tokyo is SPOILER a forest.

Now, there were positives and those will be ordered a lot better.

Bullet points away!
--The boyfriend wasn't the classic dick or unkind. In fact, I stayed because of him. Caring, kind, quiet, supportive. He was all of it without being forced. Any little glint of him made an episode bearable. Even his relationship with Strawberry was easy to watch.

(Spoiler: he didn't let her call him by first name. Ha!)

And he was those "I've loved you from the start but never could tell you" guys. AND YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM.

--the anime started with their first date. It was nice to see an anime where people weren't rejected by the people they loved.

--the girls had JOBS. I don't know why that was so refreshing to see but the fact that they weren't just roaming around after school (oh remote parenting; probs culture thing?) was kinda nice.

I thought there would be a lot more positives in this post but nope. I liked the sparkles?

But I hated the music.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 49 + Catch Up

Hello, my lovelies!

Long time no chat!

I have incredible excuses for why I haven't posted. But we all know how the mental states and real life can drag you backwards away from blogging.

I had my computer's hard drive cable burn, had the part ordered, and I replaced it myself.

This human being is a life saver.

So from the time the part shipped out (like three freaking weeks or something) to when I got it in, immediately, I worked off my phone and basically by hand. I did a few things like try to draft a query, try to set up a writing binder, that sort of thing.

And if you've been following my tweets, you know what a disgrace I've been by ignoring all that work and jumping into the edits.

So now that I've learned a part of my lesson, filed my taxes, learned to love days off, I'm back.

For those of you still on the challenge, trying to get in the habit of writing

I hope everything's going well. It's nearly halfway there! I believe in you!

If you have any lines you wanna share, tag me! But here are your prompts:

Since I've been adding as many as possible to my Pinterest board, I thought I'd make one up.

Add to your story or react to this:

"Meat bubbles. I never thought I'd see the day."

As always, take care! Good luck!


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 21

Hello, my lovelies!

Have you been keeping up?

I knew I wouldn't be posting as much, but I didn't expect to miss this much.

Six days isn't a lot but so much has happened since then—I started BEFORE I FALL, I got into edits, my midnight makeup game is picking up.

And that's just at home.

The bestie has moved onto other things, like purging her sins purging her house. Using this:

Which I'll also be using!

I'm starting to see why she and I are friends. I'm a quitter too, just not in the writing world.

How have y'all been? How's the writing? Is it getting interesting?

Are you bored yet? Have you fallen into a routine? How's your partner's story coming along? Is it funny? Is it stilted because of the challenge?

I hope, if anything, you got a laugh and a pattern going.

I know I've been silent as far as the Pinterest board, but I'll be getting back to that soon too! Instead, here are some prompts, for those of you who are stuck:

He whispers in my ear: "Light the match."

The fifteenth identity scared most people who weren't part of Xenorn. Just because of all the ways to die, losing your intestines to someone's identity is kinda terrifying.

"I volunteer my sister to take my place in the Hunger Games," she said.

Most people die when they've been decapitated, but Sir Buckley, the man who once represented the Isle, sat perfectly still with the EMT's hands cradling his head to his body. Internal decapitation was one of the many things he didn't count on tonight.

Well, my loves, get writing! Keep that up!

If you want me to help keep you on track, send me an email at ebelleful @ gmail or leave a comment below.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day Fifteen

Well this is going to look super awkward on the archives.

Hey, guys!

Sorry there was no 14th. I'd love to blame it all on the buddy, so I will, but what happened was that I started edits and so I stayed up until 4:30 AM the night before my 14th post was due. Stayed up until 5AM last night and still up before I had to be!

Shoot me.

So these last few days I've looked like

and totally spaced on the post.

So other than that, some updates: Bestie gave up before I did. She's a quitter. I'd say I'm taking after her but oh no I'm not.

But kinda I am.

I have been a little occupied. HA! So I'll be putting prompts up no more. At least on here. But if I see a cool prompt, it'll be on my Already Used board on Pinterest.

Wow, that is an attractive name.

Okay, but it'll be done. Things are a bit of a mess but stick to your buddies, email those sentences.

The point is to write every day, to get into a habit. Your space to write that sentence is sacred. I will update more but less frequently. Spread your wings and fly.

And don't be distracted, like me, with House MD gifs.

So. Many.


Monday, March 13, 2017

Day Thirteen

Why do I feel like today is an important date? What am I missing??

Hello, lovelies. I've spent the day quote on quote editing.

I can't even look at myself write this post. I am so sick of second guesses.

I sent my edited first chapter to the bestie and now I'm frantic because that was NOT the way to start  a story and--BREATHING.

Anyway! Last night, buds and I admitted to breaking most of the rules of the game.

I know it's shocking, but coming up with a 100 Day Challenge while you're buzzed? Doesn't actually produce great results.

I'm just happy she's moving her butt and writing.

For those of you following along at home, I have a prompt for you all right. In the scene or off screen, kill someone.

Who would I be if I didn't call for emotional drama?

Hope you weren't writing a picture book!


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Day Twelve


I have been pretty busy lately. Reading.

No regrets. I have been thinking about letting this sentence challenge fall to the side. But that wouldn't be very nice.

Considering that the bestie is invested in something I'm making up day by day.


Here are your prompts. Have a lovely day having one hour less. Yeah, what a joy.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day Eleven

Well, well, well.

Day Eleven.

I want to preface this by saying: she made me do it.

Thanks to the buddy, I didn't write a sentence last night!

We usually stay up to send each other sentences but last night, on the very last chapters of RED QUEEN, she urged me to finish. She stayed up past her bedtime in another time zone to hear my thoughts.

We stayed up until three! Bad idea. but the book is finished.

But we were not about to send sentences.

Gah. I'm turning into her and avoiding challenges. Sigh.

Don't stop believing. And if you've missed a day, no worries, that just means you owe the challenge one more day. Write every day. Get into a pattern.

You'll develop your own writing patterns soon.

No prompts today. Running behind. If you need a twist to guide today's sentence, I made a board. Go into the click-pelling world of Pinterest.

I'll show myself out.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Day Ten

Is it already Day Ten? OMG.

I wish I started a diet alongside this thing.

Hello, my dears.

Nothing to report today. Other than steady as she goes. For the sake of the BFF, I've been reading my sentences. I wanted to keep going but I think she'd go mad pretty fast.

But at least it made writing happen.

Here are your prompts:

Have fun! Keep writing!


Thursday, March 9, 2017

Day Nine

Steady as she goes!

Running behind because I'm reading other stuff, but here are your prompts:

Happy Writing

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day Eight

Hello, my wonders!

How was your Seventh?

Mine was actually hilarious. While the BFF was coherent, I wasn't! It was hilarious!

I mean, it sucked for her. SHE BEGGED ME to please review my work at the end of every week. Between being sick, doing edits, reading, and working, and of course having a horrible, horrible memory, I have completely messed the story up!

It was pretty funny because I read it out loud, just to follow with part of the story, and I had tears in my eyes from the laughter. It was really magical.

But anyways, here are your prompts for today!

There is four today because I loved every one of them. As always, if you need sources, I pinned them on my board, Already Used.

Have a beautiful day and write that sentence!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day Seven

Hello, my wonderbabes!

Day Seven. The full week. You made it!

Well, half of us did.

Bestie had a thing yesterday which I logged on Twitter. TL;DR: she thinks I'm going off the rails and needs me to read what I wrote so she has something coherent for the next 93 days.

Which I had been thinking of too.

How weak.

BUT! The challenge will be just the same if you check back only after seven days. As long as you write a sentence every day, you're ahead of the game!

Do what you have to and get writing!

No prompt tonight!


Monday, March 6, 2017

Day Six

Oh dear God, what am I writing?

Anyone else completely unaware of what they're writing at this point? I have 94 days to finish this thing. How did I forget so easily?

Dear God. I just want to peek at the sentences I've written but I can't lose so quick.

What have I done?


I seriously don't even know what's happened in my story. Which sucks since I think the bestie is realizing what she's gotten herself into.

By the way, hers is getting too close to home. Environment, politics, and it's still in the exposition. I'm terrified of the next few emails from her.

At least she has a plan! 😁

Well, here are your prompts. You guys are seriously the bravest people I know!

Have a better Monday and don't forget to check out the endings series part one. Yes, I know I owe you guys a #6 on Practice Makes Perfect. It'll come after I get over this gunk.

Bai! XO

Quality Endings: Final Image

It's Monday!

And I'm not usually so cheery but I've had a good day! Had my haircut, went and did a bit of shopping, then to top it off, I got Chipotle!

Who doesn't like good food and being productive?

I have been sick for what feels like the last two weeks forever. At first violently, with some fever (actually, most of it was fever) and a lot of congestion. I lost my hearing at one point! Or several points.

So no, I have not wanted to even try to write.

I've been reading though. I just finished Rebel Belle and the BFF has started me on Red Queen.

I finished too Age of Youth or as I knew it Hello, My Twenties! This is a K-drama.

So I guess I was productive. Just a lot slower.

Because this got my brain pondering on endings. I talked about quality endings a few posts ago, and basically, if you're having trouble drawing the conflict to a close, the correct answer is to stab your hand through the protagonist's chest and jerk out her heart.

And really, that's fun and everything, but the end of conflict is not the end of the story.

There are so many ways to finish a story. Actually, going anywhere near Pinterest with the question writing and ending pulls up pieces, favorite last lines, plot lines and types.

One of the ones I heard more about was Circular, which always gets me. I am a sucker for ending a story the way it began. (Hello, Hero's Journey.)

But there's stuff like the Looking Back move where you end the story with a memory. Sometimes of how this story even came to be, clarifying or shocking readers and viewers.

There's The Emotional One where the resolution is a solid kick in the throat. Or a snuggle. Some people like snuggles.

There's the Lesson Learned one where the character learned something that changes her life forever.*

The Summary, which does just as it says. Summarize.

There's the Unclear ending, the What a Twist!, the Image, Answered Question but Questioned Again for Deeper Thought, and the Dialogue ending.

All of these are exciting ways to close a story. All of these can fit into different kinds of stories. Romance, Thriller, Horror, etc.

The one you pick will basically say everything about the story.

After all, it's the last word. You held someone this long. The last line will let them know whether or not it was worth it or not.

Satisfaction dangles on the last line.

*This is so much harder anyway since there should be growth to a protag's story.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Day Five

Welcome, friends, to Day Five.

How are you all? I feel better, I think. But don't let me cough on you. Seriously.

Today is the fifth day in a row of writing. It's nuts!

I mean, I can write every day but blog too? This should be interesting moving forward.

I have no idea what sentence I'll be writing tonight either. Because the BFF and I are procrastinators and wait until last moment to send each other sentences.

Who's already submitted their sentence? Is it getting harder to go with what you think you wrote last or are you remembering easily?

My problem is stopping at one sentence since, you know, I want to set the scene and can't. And the BFF--cheater--writes these long, long sentences and is establishing everything quickly.

I'm a little jealous I don't know how to do the same.

Ugh. I can't even imagine seeing the end product. Dudes, I might even read it on a vlog and let you guys hear.

Or should we just stick with posting?

Eh, we've got 95 DAYS to figure it out.

Today's challenge, loves!

These might turn out more interesting than not. And if you're curious where all these come from, I made a board to keep track! c:

Write like you mean it!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day Four

Hello, my dears!

Super late post today. I have become host to yet another illness. Which is such a lovely experience. Last night or I guess this morning, I woke up at 5 in a dead sweat despite it being chilly in my room.

It has been that weird balance where I'm well enough to function with bigger things like drive and walk and run and process To Do Lists, but woozy enough to be too lazy to bother with a lot of things that aren't immediate. Like writing. And writing. And actually reading.

I'd love to read but I keep forgetting what I read because my mind wanders.


Well, anyways.

There's enough sentences now, I think, that we're all getting a sense of the world we're reading about. (Because you're not reading your own, are you?)

My BFF's is a futuristic world that is hauntingly similar to the near future of now, as far as climate and greed and terror go. So I am terrified to see how it goes on.

And she has learned tonight that I have no plan or bad guy in mind yet. We shall learn the story together!

I don't think she'll like me for much longer.

But anyway, here's your challenge, prompt challengers!

Have a beautiful day, loves! And avoid me! Because I have the plague!


Friday, March 3, 2017

Day Three

Hey, guys.

Ugh. I am feeling tired. Which is why this post is coming so late. I am so sorry. Last night when I dragged myself in from work, I was pretty tired but going to pluck prompts from my Pinterest feed, but got caught up having a convo with the buddy and my sister back to back then crashed.

With my sister, I caught up with current events and the reason writing and general living has been sluggish lately. And with my buddy, I realized how hard the challenge actually is.

Yesterday's "sentence" for me was a little more like two. Let me explain. Followed a prompt, have been working with dialogue. Added action.

Got a slap on the wrist but passed. For now.

Watch those dialogue tags, peeps! And talk to people. If you aren't near people you can talk to, talk into the void of the net but talk about things. If you're having a block and if you're not.

For those still making sentence constellations with prompts, here are your three. Take the challenge, prove me wrong.

Stay connected! Contact me if you need motivation or you have a question!