Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016's Playlist

Hello, beauties!

It's such a beautiful day here where I am. Sun is shining, the clouds are smears of white and wonder. The sky is blue and definitely not crashing down.

*off pitch singing*

I am not the only one who is trying to duck and cover from the election wars happening right now. I just want it to be tomorrow with my choice taking over the world. Or just Obama taking the country for himself and we just live the way we have been for the last eight years.

I don't care. I just like the quiet. I hate conflict. WHICH IS HILARIOUS considering that making my characters hurt and decide between their favorite things is my cardio.

I'm dorky. Get over it.
But anyway, you came here for music. I know I need music to help me sometimes. Just to help me decide the atmosphere, but sometimes it also helps me get back to the feeling when I've failed to describe it well.

Besides, music and playlists, scores and soundtracks, are SO important to me. I think it's because I do so much visual entertainment that I know how important music is to a piece.

Enough rambling. Let's listen!

1. HOW daughter

2. VENUS sleeping at last

3. THIS TOWN niall horan

4. ALL WE EVER KNEW the head and the heart

5. WE DON'T KNOW the strumbellas

6. ALL TIME LOW jon bellion

7. THINK OF YOU christina grimmie

8. SHADOW MOSES bring me the horizon

9. DOOMED bring me the horizon

10. TRUE FRIENDS bring me the horizon

I am OBSESSED with Doomed by Bring Me the Horizon. Every time it comes on, I just get excited about writing this story. SIGH.

I've been playing it on repeat for so long that I'm just gonna buy it. And go write! Because it's just that awesome!