Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello Friends!

Long time no see!

Because I'm still in the process of making up my mind about where to put things, blog wise, I decided to come here for my 50k victory goal.


Yes, I'm here to procrastinate finishing this novel.

I have actually been vlogging for a few months now. I have yet to edit these videos but I touch on a few subjects there that I'll put into words here.

Hello! I had a plan this year for NaNoWriMo and I think that's made the difference.

I just announced my 50k on Twitter and on the site. This was my intentional all along.

A few years back, when I was still in school, I drafted one of my most coherent books in just a week. I've never been able to do that before but I took a long time off from writing, you know, the usual writer Black Moment when all hope is lost.

I never wanted to be published. I was never going to write something that I loved and was good enough for other people. Book I was never going to take off despite there being a Book VII.

That sort of thing.

But then, like a beam of sunshine, through endless work days and tons of Real Life projects (hello, I went to the mountains and saw my entire state; I went on a road trip to a magical and terrifying castle; I celebrated birthdays and soccer matches), I started watching K-dramas on Netflix.

Falling For Innocence aka Why I Can Never Love Another K-Drama Again
And I remembered again why I loved to write. Because I wasn't ready to give up on the miracle of true love or shenanigans or the endurance of a person during the pit of despair.

I wrote one story, what I call Book IV but is really like five or six or something. Then I had pre-planned in a way where these people were going next.

But then I decided fuck it and just wrote.

Enough of the gush of that. TLDR: I wrote and didn't make excuses.

I have a pretty set schedule so I dedicated three full hours in the morning to just write. I locked myself up, kept the use of the internet to a minimum, and made my fingers tap those buttons.

Then at night, after dinner and a shift at work, I dedicated another hour or so. Sometimes more, depending on what time I was unable to make words.

Don't get me wrong. I did stupid things like delete full chapters that took me too far into the future or didn't lead me the right way.

I thought of ways to write the next scene while I was driving, at work, showering, eating.

But I kept writing.

Now, the story isn't finished yet. My second goal is to finish by tonight's word count log but honestly? I think that it'll be tomorrow. Which is still acceptable.

This story is kicking my ass. I just need to hurt the characters just a tiny bit more...

But anyway. I wanted to share how I did it since I know a few of you are wondering.

Just set time aside. Made myself write. Told myself a set amount of days. And put the pedal to the metal.

Now, I really have to get going. There's a Part Two coming to this post. Thank you all for being so wonderful! I thought I'd be shouting into the void with this one!