Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Changes are coming!

Hi, all!

So I am constantly making changes here. That's not about to change.

  • One of the things I've always wanted to do was feature book deals. Books that are having a promotional, like the first in a series, or that are just having a good old fashion sale on any site. Because of the way my blog is built, that might not crowd together so well. But I am trying.
  • And Movie Night is coming back! If I can just get enough authors, we will once again have book premiere guest posts and interviews.
  • A special section for reviews. Books and movies and other things!
  • I'd really like to have a different layout.
I think what I'm saying is that we're moving to a new address. I have left this address before. I have a lot of memories here. But it hasn't changed with what I've done.

I'm both excited and terrified of making the wrong move. But there's no use in not trying.

So excited! Hope we have better communication in the next site!

Update: Coming soon!
Update #2: Hey! Change is definitely underway. If you've visited the link at all in the last few moments, you'll see I've done a bit. I'd totally forgotten how much work it is to build a site! But I'm excited by how much space there is now and what I can accomplish! It's going to be hard work but it will be worth it! :D Thanks again for your crazy support. You all know I don't deserve it. :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

50 Things About Me

Fun post!*
*for people too lazy to actually fix things they'd already written.

1. I was not born with a tail but I'd always secretly hoped.

2. As a senior in high school, I took the maiden course of AP Art at my school. Did an entire freaking portfolio of me. Because that was all I knew how to do even vaguely right.

Warning: Clicking this link will make you cringe.

3. Because of that aforementioned AP course, I shrugged my way into a few art college meet and greets. Even though I never wanted to go for visual arts or even wanted to go to school anymore. And still kinda don't.

4. Don't ask me for sincere opinions. We won't be friends for very long. :/

5. Despite being very loud, I am equally bashful. And cannot control the spectrum. Changing from extrovert to introvert in the span of an hour is my one and coolest trick. *weeps*

6. I had/have more adopted siblings than I had friends. But it's always fun having them all over.

7. After drawing/painting etc, I thought photography! Nope. Not any better.

8. I am a natural promoter of things I like. (Have you heard of our lord and savior, PicsArt?)

9. I will never shut up about the things I don't like.

10. When reviewing, and it's not a very good review, I use different names and sites. People donate books/movies/etc for honest opinions. I give them.

11. I've been writing all my life. A lot of the times, I don't even want to/don't find the point in publishing.

12. The anime Sailor Moon, a cartoon my mother flicked on when she was trying to bewitch me into stillness so she could change me, was the reason I ever wanted to do storytelling of any kind.

13. I am both too lazy and too overwhelmed to write what I want to write for: movies. Way too chatty to write a screenplay. Forget about it!

14. I watch the Long Island Medium and thanks to the show, I've become more spiritual. Whether it's a hoax or not.

15. All of my childhood houses have been certified, priest-blessing haunted.

16. I love ghost stories.

17. My sister and I, when sleeping in the same room, will sleep-argue in gibberish.

18. I thought my sister was my twin up until kindergarten.

19. I have a Whisper! And I rarely use it.

20. Syntheseia. I have it. Which makes listening to music and eating a real weird, impossible thing. Having shapes in my mouth because of lyrics? Yeah, kinda weird.

21. I have a tumblr! It's all Sailor Moon. You've been warned.

22. The web name ebelleful came from Youtube trying to rename me for no reason other than being a douche. Instead of staying mad, I adopted the name so people would stop confusing me with someone famous.

23. All the stories I have written up until now have been about one real person. Some span lots of books and some just one or two stories.

24. I'm a Gemini. Yay!

25. I watch bubzvlogz because her optimism reminds me to smile.

26. Once, my friend and I made dating profiles because we were waiting for Gone Girl to start. We bugged the shit out of the other people in the audience.

27. I am the biggest pervert ever. Knee-jerk reaction.

28. I am way too sentimental sometimes.

29. My hair had red low lights when I was younger. I dyed them right out.

30. I burned my hair with chemicals and had it all chopped off at one point.

31. I didn't learn to do my makeup or dress appropriately until after high school. Thanks, bubzbeauty!

32. Interstellar's First Step reminds me why I love Hans Zimmer so much and why I love to write stories of the tragic variety.

33. I always do things when I'm avoiding other things.

34. I left Twitter the first time because people were harassing me. I don't put as much effort as I used to because of that.

35. Wherever I go, I'm called princess. Because I'm a bossy pants.

36. I worked in tech support. So when I tell you something techy, I am not talking out of my butt.

37. I worked with Australians and New Zealanders so often at one point that sometimes I still use some of their phrases.

38. I'm a bad luck genie. No matter what I want or how I expect things, it comes out different.

39. I have a bizarre, intense love for protector roles. A father watching his daughter? A police officer strolling down the sidewalk? A soldier out to buy an engagement ring? I immediately become protective of those people.

40. I'd rather donate all of my fake-lottery money than spend it on me.

41. I am always surprised whenever someone listens to me online. So thanks for reading this.

42. I want a tattoo on my shoulder. Of a flower.

43. I have too many nicknames because of my friends and family.

44. I hate the sound of my own name when someone other than my family says it.

45. My name is Helen in Portuguese.

46. My middle name doesn't sound good in American English.

47. I go to the movies at least every week.

48. When I don't, it's because I'm renting some to watch at home.

49. I always review movies.

50. I really do love PicsArt.
Phew! I was really looking for things to put on here! I knew there were random things about me but so many I didn't even care about!

I will have time to edit in the next few days. So prepare your throats for the movie cramming I'll be doing.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Out to Eat! Which Wich

So here's a new feature for the blog. I'm always trying new things and figured that this could be a side it to the movie and book reviews.

On to the food.


We had Which Wich for the first time in forever. And there IS a reason for that. Stuff is expensive but sososo good.

I had a vegetarian sandwich and banana and vanilla milkshake. Which is as yummy as it sounds.

Which Wich, if you've never been, is actually justa slightly fancier Subway, but worth a try if you've got the cash.

I recommend hot days when you need a good sandwich, really.


You go in and find a couple of metal turn pockets with long brown bags. Each has themain ingredient for the sandwich.

So chicken, vegetarian, seafood, etc.

Pick your bag and the questionaire begins. They have a similarly colored sheet for milkshakes and cookies.

After you've placed your order, they hang upyour bag on a wire clothesline and send it down a factory line to be built.



For my sandwich, choose the following:


Wheat bread


Large 14" *chose this for leftovers! Don'tbe scared.*

Double cheese
   Swiss & Pepper Jack

Hot Pepper Mix


Caramelized (onions)

Banana peppers
Bell peppers


I'd just finished the leftovers when I wrote this down. Whether or not you get that size is wholly up to you.

But you have try this!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Movie Hangover: Ouija

Hi, everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here's my once-again very-freaking-late-to-the-party review of a stunning display of plagiarism that we have to take as cliche the movie OUIJA!

Most of the time when we (TC and I) watch movies, we're caught in the new setting, the lighting of the piece and sometimes the characters. For me, at the beginning of OUIJA, I couldn't help but wonder starting with the dark lighting? Okay. Original.

As the movie progressed, there was promise. Because the house this story centered on was gorgeous, with what the producers must have thought was the average teenager's room--please see Paranormal Activity: The Chosen Ones for a good teen room portrayal.

But still. A gorgeous setting? Who doesn't see the promise in that?
Then I knew this was probably not what I paid for when the inevitably MIA parents were cut out around The Darkening. Um, what? Why?
The lack of adults, though, is the king of teen tropes. Please see the first two seasons of Awkward. to see how parents can still be part of a teen's life.
I'm not sure why this was so telling but it was. I just knew that this was not the last "standard" this movie would follow. But it's not in my nature to walk out. Something I wish I'd take up already!

The next scenes took the suspense right out. Escalating, cutting out violent deaths, the works. A few cheap scares and very cliche plot twists later--actually, so many that I wondered when I'd ever get out of the damn movie theater--the film ended the way it began. With nothing making sense. And nothing resolved.
"Get me out of this fucking movie!!!1!"
So yeah. Standard bad is good, good is downright fucking evil, and the works.

I miss the good old movies that left no glimmer of hope or sanity. Sigh.
Whatever happened to Ouija, I hope it never comes back again. Because that's true horror right there. ba-da-ding!

NOTE! I am super excited for Insidious 3! Who's with me? :D