Saturday, April 25, 2015

Movie Hangover: The Maze Runner

Hi, everyone!

Sorry this is a) the first post in a long time and b) so long overdue.

So back when it came out, I got to see The Maze Runner. Busy with life and work and blah, I committed book lover sin and bought the book but didn't read it before watching the movie.

I am not sure if it would have made a big difference. I hated the movie.

"Get ready to run"=They warned me.

It was vague. It went back on its word and worse. The worst thing in any story is wasting the audience's time by being a long, uninteresting set up for Movie/Book/Story Number Two.

Will there even be a number two? Fuck. There is.
Because I really don't see anything new about this story or why it should keep going. Without reading the book, I have no idea what the story is really about.

I got back pain from watching this. I wish I was lying but I slumped and fidgeted enough to make my back sore.

When my movie-soul-mate sister and I saw the trailer some time ago, we were excited. We thought there was going to be a live action Attack on Titan (!!!) but it was an equally thrilling trailer, about a creepy stone maze, trapped teen boys (for those of you who haven't watched/read, it's really not what you're thinking) and walls so high, they nearly blot out the sun.

Even remembering it that way is helping the healing. But it wasn't.

I won't list all the things that I found cringeworthy, but one of the things that really made me go wtf was naming a group W.C.K.D. As if anyone in their right mind would trust someone named that way/obviously.

I hope that Number Two is a lot better than Number One.

Update: Cinema Sins pretty much said everything I or anyone else could have said about the film. Enjoy. He's funny as f*ck.