Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Movie Hangover! Ju-on: The Curse


So yes, I watched the original with English subs! Here's the link for Youtube.

Tamed poster.
So the movie was just so much more intense the remake. Naturally. But as a fearer of The Grudge anyway, this was an unpleasant, even-in-daylight rewatch.


One of the things that really stood was the audio. (The movie was made in the early 2000, looked like it still didn't know it's importance in the world so it was not that great quality/acting at points.)

The audio really was key. The story--the freaking movie starts with the most disturbing ten minutes of horror I've seen in awhile.

No comment.
Rage, horror, and mystery knot into a tight little fuck-you. The story is split into sections but the disturbing is continuous. So if you're into foreign horrors, you have to put this on queue.