Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Sailor Moon R is No Better than Crystal

One of my little visitors is a professed Frozen fan. She even has her hair braided like Elsa. You know, as little kids do.

And as I discussed with my mom my dislike of where Frozen went (loved Let It Go, but that's it) my mom said: "When you're little all writing is perfect."

And for the most part it is. As a child, I never noticed how abusive Mamoru is with Usagi in R. But as an adult, I am furious.

You had a dream, dude, and now you're breaking up with me? You're not even going to explain? Just a few days after we get back together?

And the worst part is, even though he regrets hurting her, he never explains so she'll stop blaming herself.

Or do this. Dick move, jackass.

And her friends are assholes rarely give her advice. Like, "Keep waiting for him. He'll come around."

You're a cunt, Ami. You have been all season long.
He just treated her like crap. But this is between them.

It's another thing my kids won't watch. Relationships are about trust. And communication and about dealing with things together.

I mean, seriously. Who would go back to someone who, for no reason, tore their heart out?

I never have felt so disappointed as when, out of nowhere, this happened:

Like, Usa, he was right. Just because you killed yourself in your past life over him, does not mean it's a forever thing when you get a second chance.

Like get yourself another man whoever.

Or be single. You fucking rocked single.

As a bonus, I can't believe she

Didn't tell him

It was a bad and hurtful thing to try to separate them. Not to mention fucking useless. Why would you be together now if you broke up in the past?

Did I not understand the plot?

Goes without saying, pretty useless thing for plot in R.
Up next, how much I hate Chibiusa.

(Just assume that all these segments are about how evil people around Usagi are.)