Monday, January 19, 2015

The Nines, Part Two!

(If you missed Part One, here it is.)

All right! Now onto the four that will focus on the hero's internal struggle.

If you ever had trouble with what your hero is struggling with, this might help.

I gathered Want, Flaw, Need from my versions (you read that right. I have two) of the Hero's Journey. The last, though, Consequence, was earned the hard way. Via Don Maass.

He's author of some great nonfiction books and has the best writing challenges on his Twitter. Go check 'em out.

But back to Consequence. You will *hate* answering this one. I did.

Not to worry, though. Hopefully this TDK example will explain.


This is what the character wants. This is the goal that comes before the Goal.

In TDK, Bruce wants to clear the city and he wants to do it to be with Rachel.


The Want is the internal goal, the Flaw is the internal obstacle or conflict.

Bruce's Flaw is that he has no limits. Everyone points that out. Batman goes out all the time, after everyone so when will he ever have Rachel?


Need is the Solution. Need is also the opposite of Flaw. If someone's a coward, they need to be brave.

Bruce has no limits. What he needs is to have them. Yeah, it's my paper if I'm doing to get a doctorate. Or whatever.

It's really not hard. What has to be difficult is the character's transition from Flaw into Need. Which leads us to...


*takes breath with you* Okay, Consequence is what is at stake emotionally. It's a personal stake.
What will your MC lose if s/he doesn't get the Need?

But at the same time, and for bonus drama points, what will your MC lose if s/he changes to the Need? For the maximum effect, all the character's decisions should be a sacrifice.

Like picking between two good things is more dramatic between good and bad.

If Bruce Wayne doesn't get the limits, he doesn't get Rachel, duh, but won't he lose himself if he's always Batman? So what he loses is Bruce Wayne.

And if Bruce Wayne does get his limits, guess what? Things are unsafe for both him and Rachel, him being a rich man and possibly a family man. Crime never ends, so this will be an issue. (BTW, side note, ew on the last movie. From start to finish.)

But still:

That's what I'm saying.

~Tangled, no?

Just make people squirm. You and the character to start.

Next part is The Two Mr. Hero's Journeys.