Friday, June 7, 2013

Movie Night with Author Chelsea Pitcher

 Today I have the honor of having Chelsea Pitcher and her debut, The S-Word. For those who follow on Twitter, you know how much I love both!

And I'm uber excited to have them on today!

A little about The S-Word:

Two best friends torn apart by a mistake. Slut. Brought closer by two words. Suicide slut.

1.) I'm so excited about this! Who's playing who in the movie?

My first thought for Angie was Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars). She’s got those big, Bambi eyes that might be innocent or might be masking a hidden darkness. I love the edgy vibe of this picture because it shows a darker side of Hale than we usually see on PLL.

Gorg innocent picture

Still, Hale might come off as a little too innocent for the role, and I could also see someone like Phoebe Tonkin (The Vampire Diaries) portraying Angie. She looks a bit wicked in this photo, but also sad, which fits Angie perfectly.

She also looks like Jackie from That 70s Show

Drake has a little bit darker hair, but I could definitely see him being played by someone like Chase Crawford (Gossip Girl). In Angie’s words, Drake is “break-your-heart-gorgeous”, and those blue eyes are about perfect:

He's like a young Ian

Casting Lizzie was really difficult! I wanted someone who had an innocent, vulnerable quality to her, but at the same time was an old soul. I think this picture of Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle) embodies Lizzie really well: she looks hopeful and distrustful at the same time.

For Jesse I think both Tyler Posey (MTV’s Teen Wolf) and Diego Boneta (Pretty Little Liars) have qualities that are Jesse-like, even if neither is an exact match. I think Posey is probably closer in terms of looks:

But dang it if Boneta doesn't have that awesome hair flip and sassy coat:

If any readers out there have ideas for who they'd cast in The S-Word, I'd love to hear about it!!

This cast is gorgeous! *o*

2. Who's writing?

I would actually love to have Brian Fuller, who is the writer/creator of the show Pushing Daisies. The show has this wonderfully snappy dialogue, and a lovely noir quality.

That's true!

3. Director?

I could see somebody like Paul McGuigan doing a great job with it. He directed Lucky Number Slevin, which is another example of a great modern-day noir.

4. Who HAS TO be on the soundtrack?

I can see the movie opening with Everybody Talks by the Neon Trees. The song is all about how gossip can ruin reputations and relationships. After that I’d say Howl by Florence & the Machine, for Angie’s investigation, Tea Party by Kerli for the cheerleaders, and Always Love by Nada Surf for Jesse.

Everybody Talks! I was singing that in my head earlier!

5. What's the line on the poster?

Lizzie Hart just took her own life. But someone isn’t letting her go quietly.

6. Costume DESIGN! 

I would love to have someone like Robert Blackman, designer for Pushing Daisies, who dresses the characters in modernized versions of vintage fashion. A lot of the characters in The S-Word express themselves through clothing (Jesse plays with Golden Age glam, while Shelby might wear a 1940s cocktail dress one day and a 1960s halter and platforms the next) and I think Blackman would illustrate that really well.

That's so amazing, I never even thought of that!

Thanks so much for having me!! This was a blast!! ☺
Thank you!

What freaking amazing movie this would make.

Here's the GoodReads link and the Amazon link. Go forth!