Friday, November 9, 2012

november sucks

So there are several trips pinned to this month. Not too much detail but I'm moving! 2013 I'm leaving my Colorado and moving to Texas. Most likely. The world could change its mind or you know end in December.

Whatever, we're still doing things like talking to people, feeling the space, working stuff out here, having family meltdowns, whatever.

This usually means less time doing anything I like but I get breathers. (I took this one way too far.)

For NaNoWriMo and actually for just this month I'm taking on four new projects, one rewrite, CP reading, regular reading and that's just my work/leisure stuff.

(Will not get into homework for careers, job searching, test passing, going through which books to abandon.)

First, I have a short story I've been meaning to finish.

Ana's friend Nakia was taken from time and space six months ago but comes for visits now and then. Still, the time is never enough to guess why Nakia's jumping time and space or why she was taken in the first place. Ana might never know with a final meeting looming.


Robbie's high school career was figured out and normal--if not bright enough to catch a dean's attention, but then he's paired up with his favorite drummer Gerald and launched into the epic world of kegger parties, police chases, and road trips. Gerald and his friends, however, are hiding a secret and if Robbie figures it out, he'll have to pick a side in a supernatural turf war.


Lovers unravel the mystery of their deep connection through every life they've ever lived.


Freshmen Juana's got a problem. The teddy bear she confides to is really a child's soul devouring demon and he's really in love with her. (Sister's drawing project I'm writing for!)

5th is my rewrite of Vannette*'s story.

Oh, and betaing. I'm doing that. Oh, and secretly judging with a friend on her blog contest. What else?

Did I mention is a project month? How are your NaNo/works/lives doing this November?

*Fun fact: Google my main character's name and seven out of ten (mobile) hits are actually us! Second fun fact: Google me and I don't know if I ever come up.