Wednesday, November 28, 2012

my november so far

I'm awake at six in the morning for the second day in a row.

My family's been on two trips in this month, both have been out of state, back-to-back.

I've been holding up the fort, which really isn't that hard. In theory.

But in theory, all information has to be cluttered in your head. Like the number to 9-1-1.

Then there was Thanksgiving week when we were together again and of course, drama breaks loose and we spend Thanksgiving alone. (Seriously not that bad all things considered.)

I've been enraged at my best friend (the source of the drama) and I carried the secret around to not ruin my family's holiday.

So yeah.

Then my parents both got sick with a horrible cough (I thought my sister was skinning the chihuahua when dad coughed) and both have had hallucinating fevers.

Right as Thanksgiving dinner rolled on the table.

I'm the eldest child, the only one with a license, and I've been to the drug store twice in one weekend. My father works still and has been to the drugstore countless times too.

So if I'm mean, I apologize. I don't know what time it is or day it is (tomorrow's my mum's birthday, I'm sure.)

I know I've been shovey with some people or probably nonexistant on Twitter. (Probably as in I can't tell anymore.)

But I think I picked a bit (underestimation, possiblly) of coarseness and I'm really sorry. I do get moments of perfect quiet but then stuff piles up.

So yeah. Am I rambling? Did I say sorry?

Feel free to tell me if I made words.

The Almost Managed.

P.S. Doing my first blog hop? Not very smart. CP stuff: promise you'll get it soon. Need to brain extra hard to not miss anything.