Saturday, November 3, 2012

Face Off

Tuesday. It's Face Off night.

As judges talk after the contestants leave, Vee Neil says, "She's crippled by the fact that she has not seen so many of the iconic films that have, like, paved the way for mostly everything we do in science fiction."

And I wondered why the hell the contestant didn't research makeups the judges have worked on.

And then I thought about when agents/published authors tell writers to research everything about agents.

One thing, one little, little easy thing can cost you everything.

So, research the heck out of agents around you. Bookmark their dislikes and likes, favorite their tweets, follow their tumblr's. Even pay attention to things not pub related.

You never know what factors are and maybe research won't get you far (some people are PRIVATE) but you never know.

The best you can do is try. AND TRY.

But don't get crazy.