Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why i unfollowed you, your blog, or other stuff

Most people will tell you 'it's not you, it's me.'

It's both.

It has to be or maybe people are petty. (I know I can be.)

But here are some of the reason why I (or others) have unfollowed you.

1. You're full of yourself

Anything that has a mention of you gets promote on your site. EVERYTHING. Including an answer to your sarcastic late night tweet about that muppet election.

Or, your feed's a bunch of thank yous, spam of your book, or rallying up fans against nonfans (You KNOW who you are.)

2. You're full of nothing

You don't tweet and when you do, it's spread out over weeks.

Sometimes, it doesn't bother anyone (sometimes you don't show up on a feed) but when you're awesome with tweeting, people notice you're gone. It's frustrating.

3. You're full of nothing pt. 2

This is less you don't tweet and more that you tweet but don't RT or talk or anything. So you talk to a wall and you're a wall too.

For feeds on like pages and blogs, it's the same. You send messages into the vastness of the internet but that's all you do.

4. You're full of Speak No Evil

As in, you bring out the heavy topics?

Religion, Politics, Choice--EVIL.

No one ever wins and there's always a fight. Wanna know why? Because we're not clones and we're not sheep. Sheep don't go on the internet to meet new people.

We will never agree so keep the discussion to puppies and that damn new show with the terrible dialogue and the hot, smoldering eyes...*shivers*

5. You are full of something else.

Not crap. Just meh. I am disconnected from you and my news feed could use some space for my besties and the pros.

So it's a combo. You could help me promote or talk to me but not everyone likes everyone. I am sorry for that but it doesn't mean we can't be civil.

The best thing you can do is interact, help (as in promo) the people you can truly stand behind, and be yourself.