Sunday, October 21, 2012

on that thing called bridges

I am a big mouth.

I say what I think, especially when I'm tired of it.

I know a lot of you appreciate my blatant observations (thanks for the support and encouragement, tee-hee.)

But I've spoken to several reliable sources, cringed through old news, and my opinions should be censored.

NOT because people should be censored. Because of circumstances.

Say I wanted to be published or I got the chance to be (any form.) How do I expect my peers to help when I put their work down?

You might say, "They put their work out there."

And it would be delirious for any artist to think everyone will love their work. (Beth Revis says it best.)

But authordom is community too. Just like I tear no one down on Twitter (screencap when/if I do,) I should never put down a peer.

"But," you say. "How will you know if you get pubbed?"

I don't know but I'd never burn a bridge. Not after crossing it, not when I have other bridge options.

I don't mind the sacrifice. I'll leave my opinions between me, my TC, my betas, and my CPs.

So yeah. That's a thing. I'll still blog about vague clich├ęs and such but I won't trash anyone (not that I think I have) so don't worry. I believe in the freedom of speech the internet promotes.

This is just a thought.

The Management