Sunday, April 22, 2012


So as my soundboard, I read a lot of things to my toughest critic. It's a good way to edit and catch things.

Like, 'if I'm too embarassed to say that out loud...out it goes' sort of thing. And it happens. A lot. And that's good, I'm sure.

The other day, I was reading a blurb I'd been toying with for a few days and was eager to get things right.

So I read three paragraphs of four when TC tried to interrupt me. I thought: "She must be confused on what it all means. Last paragraph will tell her."

Halfway through the fourth paragraph, she hushes me. "Cut out the fourth paragraph. Don't keep explaining."

I stared at her. And it hit me. I've had other (poor souls) tell me how my blurbs/queries sound and they've been confused. Not every time, but sometimes.

The first three paragraphs are generic, second paragraph might need tightening, but I can't keep explaining every twist, every gut-dropping secret in the blurb. Why would I rewrite the story?

Sometimes, the less you say, the better.