Thursday, April 12, 2012

judging a girl by her lover

I hit a snag in the drafting process not long after I started writing.

My characters kept jumping ahead, doing things that I thought weren't set up yet. First of all, first drafts for me are always the discovery of an idea.

Getting annoyed by what my characters did and at what pace was ridiculous.

But I kept deleting scenes about my FMC and her love interest admitting feelings to one another.

When I discussed (read: whined) about my block to my sister, I was sure the problem was the lack of killing or that the romance was slow-going or demanded more than I wanted to invest.

She told me, very coolly (as she was excited about the idea I was slowly ruining): "Maybe you're not as open-minded as you think."

My mouth opened to protest but I froze. I like to believe (and gloat) that I'm open-minded, that I can't be more open to suggestion. This 'maybe' hit me like a brick.

My sister's advice and observations are *never* wrong. I reanalyzed how I felt about my FMC and her relationship with her brother.

And the sis was right. I'd left myself in the main character. I rejected MMC and kept the sexual and romantic elements out of the story because of what *I* believed in.

The sooner I accepted that I was standing in the way of a key element, the faster things fell into place. Don't get me wrong. That wasn't the end of my intolerance for incest, but I know with a draft done and the challenge of accepting taboo ideas, I'll be better about what the story wants and needs.

What's a topic you've written about that challeneged your beliefs or exposed something about you that changed your way of thinking?