Monday, April 23, 2012

a campaign for twitter

I joined Twitter in 2011 but didn't start tweeting until February of the next year. Took some time to learn the ropes.

And I have to say it made me a better writer. There are people to network with (complain about scenes, ask advice, become partners); people who give you an up-to-the-second report of writing news (so-and-so gets a 6 figure deal and you *will* find out); and research (on AGENTS).

There's a constant stream of tips, blogs, contests, information. Sometimes, you can chat with agents, publishers, win critiques.

It's amazing that I ever got along without the community.

So I'm offering to help ease you into Twitter. Feel free to ask me questions (really, don't be embarrassed. I always was.) I can even suggests friends and who to follow.

I'm @ebelleful (for those who aren't tech savvy, just search that on Twitter with the @ in place.)

If you're not sure where/how to start, leave a comment or email me at miss ellis belle (at) gmail (dot) com. It's all one word.

Hope to see you there :)