Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Notepad Trick!

I'm sorry for not blogging often! Computer is just not happy with me and frankly, I'm not too happy with it either! I've got a list of problems/consequences now because it won't work.

Well, anyway, on to the point of the story. I've edited and edited again my story. If you follow me on Twitter you have an idea how awful my first few edits have been. Even this one that I'm on (Draft "7") has been sleep depriving (am I spelling that wrong?)

I've never really gone this far in edits with one story but it seems worth it. For now.

But I'm here to share a secret. After the betas (and at the end I only had one that really worked. Fail. YOU CAN TOTALLY HELP WITH THAT, THOUGH.), I kept notes, I'm going back to tighten up the draft for another round and as I'm going, I remembered a trick awhile back to help me catch all the editing errors.

You see, even a great reader can sometimes change in their head or overlook typos, but not computers. Stay with me on this one.

Most of us have this primative thing on our computer called Notepad. It's pretty useless, really. Unless you want it to read to you.

Step One:
Open Notepad. Duh.

Step Two:
Past this in: CreateObject("SAPI.SPvoice").Speak" "

Step Three:
  • There's a catch. Get rid of your little " and ( and ... (it'll say comma if you don't) and all other symbols. No spaces or whatever. Sounds like hard work, I know. I KNOW. I did it yesterday and it SUCKED. But it'll be worth it when the computer says done instead of down and you catch that typo.

Step Four:
Save the file, after all that crap in Step Three, as xyz.vbs

Step Five:
Open up the formatted version of your work about to be read to you.

Step Six:
Go to My Documents. Double click the script looking icon that is xyz.vbs and quickly go to your work.
  • Now, the reading is a little hard to listen to, at first. Robot voice. And also, if you need more time to get your doc, put something random at the beginning. (Like: Book Title by the fabulous Insert Your Awesome Name Here, as read by Insert Your Comp's Name Here. [I'm not the only one who named my computer.])

It's not much but it's something. :) Let me know if you guys have other tips!
P.S. I'm sure Notepad has other uses.