Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i feel like i do one of these every week

Okay, the contest thing for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is going to be held off for awhile. I know, I know. I always do this but I've got finals, and school enrollment stuff to think about. Sleep? Yeah. Past 72 hours I've gotten maybe 19 hours of sleep.

I think that's unhealthy. I should know but my brain is dead. Also, I've got revisions and we ALL know how that goes for my brain. I become a zombie and then things get sour.

On top of that (oh there's a list of things that I have to spell out), family is going into a transition stage. We're going to get new phones and better internet and HOPEFULLY a better computer for me. Phone's dead. Like really. Comp goes on standby for just about anything...yep. *sigh*

So there's your Rainbow Cupcake newsletter.

Feel free to wince for me when I *don't* get anything and stop talking to my writing community again. MAJOR SIGH.