Monday, September 19, 2011

how to get me to buy your self-pub

I've seen the tweets but kept my mouth shut. I mean, I can't say I'm enthusiastic about self-pubs but I'm not opposed. Self-pubbed peeps have some pants and determination...

But a lot of them are also just a little bit out of it.

No, I'm not a pubbed author. In any way. (Not that I remember.) But I'm a reader and I see these things.

The self-pubs that I've pawed through, and I've gone through MANY, have so many grammar mistakes, plot holes, he said/she said screw ups, I exploded into fury. You want my money? Work for it.

And I'm not just say this about self-pubs. I've bought some other books with typos. Ask those books how their book spine feels after I flung them at walls.

I except the little things but if you want to write for money, go to a class, learn how to edit, take your time, and let the story age. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If you're on a schedule (and this happens to ME a lot) get a beta. We work for hugs and returned betaship.

Now, after you've done that, put it to the test. Stamp an excerpt where it is easy to find and make sure you've put the best out there. (By that, I mean the beginning.) I need a hook and first pages should hook.

Just because you work for yourself, doesn't mean you decide how hard you work. Give us your best and we will come in hordes for your books.

Anything else to add? Those are my peeves.

*The author of this blog doesn't ask for your money so she will keep on having an affair with commas she probably knows shouldn't be in her work.*