Monday, June 27, 2011

#dawnWIP fave lines

Lines I post on Twitter for your enjoyment here ;)

It would be easy. Would he even blink?

"Run down the road screaming like a maniac and hope the lady won't let me be killed if I get caught again."

But if he tries to rape me, like you make it seem like, kill him.

"It's okay," I told him with a smile. "I speak human...and antique,"

Hell in his eyes, mercy in his lips. That's the way he wanted to play it.

It felt like I was their pet goldfish.

Stupid outrageously pretty and polite non-monster boys.

So predicatable. Boys and anacondas.

You can get the latests by Twitter searching: #dawnWIP #lines

*This is pre-edit quotes. They might not last for the next draft.*

Current Projects

On my current writing projects list:

--blog series: BLOWN AWAY
When Aidan disappears out of the blue, Ash blames herself for never being able to tell him how she really felt until the moment people around her begin to die just seconds after she leaves him. The closer the attacks seem to be, the stranger she feels. Like Aidan is watching her.
Can he be the one trying to kill her?

Her chances of leaving are slim. Her chances of surviving are slimmer when the person who can save her life is the one who wants to take it.

--The manga
Character arc to a story, this is the mangafication to a love story between two boys as innocent as Romeo and Juliet.

Supposed to be edited for August querying. Haven't seen it in weeks.

I'm dealing with school, job-searching, and wedding planning. It's a miracle when I steal the muse for 10k. (Which in writer terms is a lot. DID. NOT. KNOW.)

Monday, June 6, 2011

About Me!

I'm just your basic all-over-the-place happy-go-lucky YA-fantasy-starcrossed-lovers writer. I tweet a lot at L_E_official ebelleful elyananoreme on Twitter. I usually blog about writing but I'm changing it up by writing a series on here. Let's see how it goes. :)
I might query more this year but I do like to write for myself mostly.
my picture. Mine.

--E. Belle